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The Xg Widget Set

In the many years that I have been developing GUIs for UNIX, I have always envied the controls that are commonly available for MS Windows applications. In attempt to rectify this situation I designed the "Xg Widget Set". This widget set is an extension of the Motif widget set and provides many of the controls found in MS Windows applications.

This release of the "Xg Widget Set" is the first public release. It is available for use under the LGPL (see the LICENSE file).

To download "The Xg Widget Set" save one of the following links (for Netscape you may need to right click and select "Save Target As..."):

The source code contains example code for each widget in the set, refer to these examples to get an idea on how to use the widgets. 

At present I am providing a single makefile, in the future I will provide makefiles for most UNIX platforms. The widget set has been built on about every UNIX platform that supports X11 and Motif with just a couple of minor tweaks in the makefile, so you shouldn't have a difficult time here.

In addition to the widgets, I have provided some utility functions that I have found useful (see XgUtils).

The widget set is self contained, as such it requires no additional libraries other than X, Xt, and Motif (1.1, 1.2.x or 2.0).


Following is a list of all the widgets in the Xg Widget Set:

















A set of utility functions for Motif. Following is a list of the functions: